Single mum forced to feed child over herself says ‘every day is a fight’ for basics


Jacqueline McMillan, from Glasgow, pays a third of her monthly income on fuel and still has to live in a cold flat, wearing jumpers and dressing gowns to keep herself warm

A single-mum struggling to make ends meet feels like she’s been stripped of her pride by the crippling cost of living.

Jacqueline McMillan is already struggling to make ends meet, having to pay a third of her £650 monthly income on fuel.

With the energy price cap due to shoot up by 54% from April 1, the Glaswegian has no idea how she’ll make ends meet, the Daily Record reported.

She said: “It is absolutely awful. There is so little money left over every month to buy basics like food.

“I don’t know how I am supposed to cope.”

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The 42-year-old is under constant pressure to gather enough money to feed her pay-as-you-go meter and she has been forced to borrow from friends and family.

She said: “I have never in my life had to borrow like this. I have no pride left. I feel like a beggar. It is soul destroying.”

Jacqueline’s electricity regularly cuts off for periods and she has to scramble cash together to get it switched back on for the return of her eight-year-old daughter from school.

She said: “I watch the meter tick down and I panic. I can’t be left with no heating on with a child in the house.

“I am constantly stressed working out from day-to-day how I am going to keep the electricity on. It is no way to live.”

The private let she occupies is warmed up with electric convector heaters, but it is a two bedroom apartment that is expensive to heat up.

She tries to keep warm by wearing jumpers and a dressing gown in the day and to reduce costs, and she switches off the heating every night and sleeps beside her daughter for warmth.

She said: “It is so cold, I can see my breath in the air when I get up in the morning.”

Jacquline said she has applied for help from fuel poverty programmes, but has never been given any assistance.

She is now suffering from depression and has lost weight because she cuts down on her meals to ensure her daughter has plenty of food.

Jacqueline said : “I know there are lots of people like me out there.

“There are so many decent people, some on benefits, some working who are struggling to survive.

“It’s a fight every single day to keep going. It’s awful and it shouldn’t be happening.”