Sisters-in law explain how they pulled off the clever same-shirt prank on their husbands


A man arrives in a plaid shirt and green pants at a family event. His brother then shows up in the same shirt. The shirt was also worn by his brothers three and four.

They didn’t call one another to coordinate. Their wives planned an elaborate prank.

Inside Edition spoke with Blake, Jesse Skyler, Skyler, Justin Ence and their mischievous spouses Brittany Brittany, Alyssa Alisa, Jesslin.

“I just had messaged them and said, ‘Hey, maybe we should try pulling this off,’” Alisa said.

How do you find the four shirts that you need in time for your family’s get-together?

“It was hard, because we live in St. George, Utah, so we don’t have a lot of options, and they are all the exact same size. So, I finally found these at H&M, and I was like, ‘This is are our last hope ladies,’ and they were like, ‘Get it!’” Alyssa said.

They say the guys didn’t ask any questions, because they already buy clothes for their husbands.

“I gave him the shirt, he said, ‘OK, what shoes?'” Brittany said.

But the brothers have a message for their wives: “Revenge is coming.”