Sisters laughing after the wind blows their father’s ashes into them on coast


Tyla Halls (22) and Belle Henry (28) were both clearly very emotional as they set off for dad Mark’s funeral in Bristol Channel. But they soon burst into laughter when they saw them.

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After trying to scatter the ashes of their fathers on windy coast, daughters were left with their dad’s ashes covered.

Two sisters found themselves in panic after they were buried in the ashes of their father while trying to scatter them along windy beaches.

Tyla Halls (22) and Belle Henry (28) were both clearly moved as they set out to release Mark’s ashes into Bristol Channel.

But, they were left laughing as a powerful gust of wind rushed past just as they threw ashes towards water. The remains flew back into Tyla’s face.

TikTok’s amusing video shows her shouting and laughing while giggling. “He went in my mouth!”

Mark Halls, 47 years old, passed away suddenly on October 21, 2020. His daughters released his ashes one year later in his memory, behind Capstone Hill, North Devon.

Belle, an NHS worker, stated: “The video sums him up.

“He was brilliant, had a great sense of humor, and was hilarious. He was a great daddy bear.

“It was an emotional day.

“The accident with the ashes helped to lighten our moods and we both left laughing.

“My sister Tyla is worried someone’s going to see her as the girl that inhaled her dad. I think it’s pretty funny.”

Belle, Tyla, and brother Cohen Halls were raised in Ilfracombe (Devon).