Sketchy Gossip Says Pete Davidson Supposedly Fed Up With Kim Kardashian’s Obsession With Her Body


It is Kim KardashianToo self-centered Pete Davidson? One report says she’s so caught up in her looks that it’s putting strain on her romance with Davidson. Let’s look into the story and learn what’s really going on.

‘Body Crazed Kim Driving Pete Nuts’

According to Life & Style, Kardashian’s desire to slim down completely turns Davidson off. Her obsession with physical perfection has Davidson worried that she’s not eating enough. “Kim’s obsessed with becoming a size zero,”A source tells us “It’s really taken over her life and turned her into a complete bore.”

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The Saturday Night LiveAn alum apparently has no joy at mealtimes. Insider’s conclusion “Pete hates watching Kim push food around her plate at parties or restaurants and just wishes that she would enjoy herself.”

Is Kim Kardashian Slimming Down?

Where did this information come from? Pete Davidson hasn’t said anything like this, nor would Kim Kardashian ever put herself down like this. This article is stuffed full of judgmental language and put-downs. It’s one thing to say Kardashian is dieting, but simply using the term “body crazed”The tabloid’s hit piece on her is not the truth, it turns out.

Kardashian flew to the United States earlier in the week to be with her family. Davidson Australia. He’s busy filming Wizards! She fell in love with Orlando Bloom and began to miss him. If that’s not a sign these two are smitten with one another, then simply look at the PDA – a cavalcadeThat’s what Instagram is all about. They’re all over each other. Kardashian’s body is the opposite of a problem for Davidson.

A History Of Being Trashy

Life & StyleOnce called Davidson the “ultimate groomzilla”When he was planning to marry Ariana Grande. That seems absurd now, considering the fact that they never actually got married. We also encountered its story about Davidson’s mother hating Kardashian. On the contrary, she’s Crazy about KardashianAnd he supposedly wants them have babies.

This story isn’t the first time Life & Style has put Kardashian’s body on center stage. It was reported that Meghan Markle was obsessed about Kardashian in 2020 and even thought Botox would make her look more like Kardashian. This story was false and exposed the sexist trash that it is. Markle isn’t obsessed with Kardashian, as more than one woman is capable of finding success for something other than her body.

 In any case, Davidson and Kardashian appear as passionate as ever. Since there’s no evidence of body issues, we will readily declare this story totally false.