Sketchy Report Claims Billy Joel’s Marital Trouble because He Pretendly Holds a Candle for Christie Brinkley


It is Billy Joel still pining for Christie Brinkley? One report states that “Vienna”Singer never married his second wife. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Billy Starts Fire Carrying Torch’

According to the National EnquirerJoel is having an argument with Alexis Roderick over Brinkley’s flirty relationship. Joel’s friends are apparently urging the 72-year-old singer to let the past go and focus on what he’s got now. “They divorced nearly 30 years ago, but Billy never got over Christie and still has her up on a pedestal,”A spy tells you.

Joel and Brinkley got married in 1985. They have a daughter. They divorced in 1994 and have been married a few times since. Joel is a snitch and admits that he loves Roderick but still wants Brinkley. According to a source, “He does tend to romanticize the past, especially his marriage to Christie. They had plenty of problems, but now he sees it all through rose-colored glasses.”

For her part, Brinkley is seemingly enjoying her ex’s attention, a source says. “It’s not like she’s trying to get him back, but she loves talking about the good old days with him.”Joel must keep his eyes open for his wife, concludes this report.

They’re Still Friends

The details of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s divorce never really became public. Joel later spoke., “Just because people can express themselves through their art doesn’t mean they are great communicators in person.” 

Despite the divorce Joel and Brinkley are still friendsThey are also co-parents. Joel’s performed at Brinkley’s charity events, and they raised their daughter together. They host singalongs as a couple. It’s nice to see exes remain friends, and that’s all this is.

It’s safe to say this story completely came out of nowhere. Billy Joel, who dated Christie Brinkley was married, divorced and then married again. Brinkley’s done the same but got divorced one more time. The two haven’t been spotted together recently either, so this whole story is odd. Brinkley’s busy with The Masked Singer and Joel’s on tour. This article is not necessary.

Other Old Flames

Gossip CopThere are many stories about ex-lovers holding torch to their former lovers. It is the InquireThis stunt has been pulled multiple times. It claimed Johnny Galecki was having an affair with Kaley Cuoco. The Big Bang TheoryStars are still friends even though their romance ended many years ago.

We also revealed the story of Van Jones secretly pursuing Kim Kardashian. He’s thanked her for help getting dates, but they’re not interested in each other like that. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale never reunited, as this outlet promised.

Profitable stories about ex-partners reuniting are those that make headlines. Maybe it’s all Sally and Harry: When Harry Met Sally’s fault for convincing the world friendship between the sexes is impossible. Joel and Brinkley have moved on romantically since then, so this story has no merit.

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