Sketchy Report Says Melanie Griffith’s Health Supposedly In Danger After Worrying Appearance


It is Melanie Griffith deteriorating? One report states that Milk MoneyHeart medication has caused star to be bruised. Her hand does not look like it was bruised in photos. Gossip Cop investigates.

Melanie Griffith’s ‘Bruise Horror’

The following is an extract from the GlobeGriffith has horrifying blotches due to the powerful blood thinners. According to a doctor, “If she’s bleeding into the skin, then it’s most likely due to anti-clotting medicine in response to a secret heart attack she hasn’t publicly disclosed.”

The same idea is repeated by a second doctor: “The bruising suggests someone who is on a powerful blood thinner.”While heart medication can be beneficial, bleeding can occur and other complications can result. Insider’s conclusion “People are concerned for her, given those bruises and her complicated medical history. The worst fear is that she may only have months left to live!”

It’s just plain dumb

This tabloid managed to find a photograph where Griffith’s hand has a bruise on it. One may conclude that she’s getting over a sunburn or maybe knocked it on a shelf or something, but these random doctors immediately jumped to “secret heart attack.” To say that’s a bit of a leap is an understatement.

Griffith seems to be doing great. She’s regularly spotted around Hollywood, often alongside her daughter. They were just last week Taken a photo with each otherTo promote The Lost Daughter. If she’s really dying in a few months, then you wouldn’t expect her to be so active. 

In fact, this is death-mongering at its worst. These doctors have never treated Griffith, so they’re just speculating on what the absolute worst story behind this bruise could be. It’s such a nonissue that Griffith has seen no need to address it. It’s all complete nonsense.

Many Dying Stars

The GlobeGriffith is not the only one who promises death in almost every issue. She joins Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis as well as other actors like Whoopi goldberg and Matthew Perry. All of these folks have lived well beyond the stories promoting their deaths, so this story just can’t be trusted.

Gossip CopEven bruises have been seen before. The September issue of the National Enquirer zoomed in on Johnny Depp’s hands to prove he was having health trouble. One bruise does not mean you are condemned to death. The doctors can only speculate, so the whole story should not be considered. Griffith is perfectly acceptable.

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