Sketchy Rumor Claims Julia Roberts’ Anniversary Apparently Disturbed By Husband’s Ex-Wife Drama


It is Julia RobertsAgain, we are at odds Danny Moder‘s first wife? One tabloid claims the couple is struggling after being reminded of the stressful start to their romance. Let’Check in with co-workers who are now parents to three.

Julia Roberts Hurts by ‘Resurfaced Love Triangle’?

This week A New Idea According to reports, a scandalous past is returning to haunt Julia Roberts’ husband Danny Moder. According to the report, Roberts was the victim of a viral Instagram posting. “other woman”The couple was in a difficult spot at the beginning of their relationship with Moder.

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Spies say the post included a photo of Roberts’ Famous “A Low Vera”Shirt. Roberts publicly wore the shirt in reference to Moder’s first wife, Vera Steimberg, as she was stalling their divorce at the time, preventing Moder from getting remarried. After Roberts’ pointed message made its rounds, Steimberg granted Moder the divorce. Roberts married him just one month later, July 4, 2002. Sources say Moder and she are now nearing their 20th wedding anniversary.

“Julia is not thrilled that the less-than-savory way her marriage began is being wheeled out on the internet,”Insider secrets “Still, she and Danny remain united and are determined not to give this online spectacle too much credence.”The outlet says that Roberts didn’t regret making the shirt. “Julia was at the end of her tether with it. She hated being known as the ‘other woman,’ and all the affair claims were too much to bear,”According to the tipter, Roberts, according to the tipter, dreads the prospect of explaining the entire story to her children.

Is Julia Roberts’ Marriage Under Stress?

Here’s the deal: This post was so low-profile that it isn’t even being reported on by any major outlets. Roberts certainly isn’t fielding any questions about Vera Steimberg, and we doubt she even noticed this supposedly upsetting post. It’s a bit ironic that the magazine is droning on about how terrible it must be for Roberts to be reminded of her and Moder’s past when that’s Just what it says what it’s trying to do.

We doubt that Roberts or Moder would have been affected by the mere reminder of their history. They know what happened, and it’s all ancient history at this point. They have three wonderful children and this story is a lazy attempt at creating conflict in their marriage. It isn’t the first time this has happened, however.

The Magazine on Julia Roberts

A New Idea has a long history of casting doubt on Roberts and Moder’s marriage. The outlet recently reported that Moder and Roberts were making a deal to have a baby. “make or break”trip to Australia. The magazine also claimed that Roberts was in a romantic relationship with George Clooney, twice. So, we’re automatically skeptical of anything A New Idea Roberts.

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