Sketchy Source Accuses Reese Witherspoon of Selling Her $900M Company Last Year As ‘Beginning Of End’ Of Her Marriage


It is Reese WitherspoonAre you still reeling from your ex-wife’s divorce? Twelve months ago, We faced a story that boldly claimed Witherspoon. Jim TothThey were heading for the end. Let’s look back on that article and see if there was actually anything to it.

The Troubled Road ahead

Per OK!Toth, Witherspoon, and Witherspoon were fighting nonstop over Hello Sunshine, their shared media company. Sources claim they “have become more like business partners”The older they get, the more money they have to divorce. Hello Sunshine was sold for $900 million. This meant that there was a lot at stake in a possible divorce. Many wondered if the cash-flowing storm would cause the couple to split.

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We didn’t buy this for a second. While Hello Sunshine was sold, Witherspoon still retains 18 percent ownership, so it’s not like she was refreshing her whole life. The sale of Hello Sunshine had nothing to do her marriage. On social media, she sounded excited and had just returned from vacation with Toth. We disproved the story as everything appeared to be in order.

Reese Witherspoon got Divorced

You won’t be surprised to hear that Witherspoon and Toth did not get divorced. It was a strange idea. Toth and Witherspoon were very rich before the sale, and divorce isn’t typically a profitable venture with so much at stake.

Toth celebrated his birthday just a few days ago, and Witherspoon honored the occasion with an Instagram post that highlighted his love for sport. “Happy birthday to my sweet hubby, JT!”

Witherspoon added, “Love you so much!”This post contains many happy photos of Witherspoon & Toth together. Yeah, They didn’t get divorced. Hello Sunshine is just out Where the Crawdads SingAnd Surface, so it’s in full swing as well.

Tall Tales abound

This story was published a few months prior. OK!Witherspoon claimed that Witherspoon was in desperate need to avoid a divorce. It soon changed its story, and it took another swing. It revealed that Witherspoon was moving out, and that a million-dollar divorce was in the near future. If she wanted to make it work, why would she leave? None of these stories happened, and it’s painfully obvious OK!There are no insiders that can compare to them. Election star. 

Rest assured OK!We will keep trying this story over and over again in the hope of breaking a scoop. Even if Witherspoon and Toth did split up, don’t give this tabloid any credit. Loudly announcing something that doesn’t happen for years is hardly proof of prescience.

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