Sketchy Source: Jennifer Garner Worried about Ben Affleck after Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding


It is Jennifer Garner Be concerned Ben AffleckMade a mistake when I married Jennifer Lopez? One tabloid reports that Garner still has a candle for her ex husband. Let’s see how Garner is handling the latest Bennifer news.

Jennifer Garner ‘Can’t Let Go’ Of Ben Affleck?

Per Us Weekly, Jennifer Garner is still holding on to feelings for Ben Affleck, and she’s worried about how his recent wedding to Jennifer Lopez is affecting him. “Jen will always keep an eye on how Ben’s doing,”Spy dishes “He clearly has a lot going on right now with Jennifer and all the attention that comes with their relationship, along with his demanding career and, of course, his kids. He’s being pulled in a lot of directions—and that’s something that quietly worried Jen.”

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Photos from Affleck and Lopez’s honeymoon show Affleck dozing off on a boat ride and even breaking down in tears over dinner. And sources insist it’s evidence that Affleck has been stretching himself too thin. “Ben fell asleep because he was exhausted,”Comment on a source “He’s burning the candle at both ends and that’s why he got emotional at dinner with Jennifer.”Garner had reportedly already expressed concerns about Bennifer’s wedding. However, the magazine says her worries are magnified.

Jennifer Garner ‘Can’t Stop Worrying’?

After looking into the magazine’s story, we couldn’t help but feel a bit insulted on Affleck and Garner’s behalf. First of all, there are the incredibly invasive photographs of Affleck’s private moment with Lopez. There are subtle hints throughout that Affleck might be resuming his drinking habits.

Despite the magazine’s offensive story, we just aren’t seeing what the tabloid sees. Contrary to the report, Affleck has been basking in the honeymoon glow, and he’s never seemed so carefree. Besides, we can’t say that we wouldn’t Enjoy a relaxed boat ride and doze off..

And finally, Garner doesn’t deserve this treatment either. She’s never once given the indication that she was still hung up on Affleck. As long as he’s still showing up for their kids, we’re sure she isn’t keeping tabs on him. Besides, there didn’t seem to be any tension between the former spouses as They got together for a day at the swimming pool with their kids. upon Affleck’s return to the states. It’s clear the magazine is desperately trying to squeeze drama out of an otherwise healthy co-parenting situation.

More Unusual Tales From the Tabloid

We knew Us Weekly‘s track record going into this. Last year, the outlet reported Garner was engaged to John Miller. Then the magazine falsely reported Affleck and Lopez were trying to have a baby. And about a month ago, the publication alleged Affleck was bored of his relationship with Lopez. So, we aren’You are not ready to take Us Weekly‘s word anywhere the blended family is concerned.

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