Sketchy Source: Ryan Seacrest Supposedly Rejected by Younger Actresses Last Year


Did Ryan SeacrestLast year, did you meet a star actress? Twelve months ago, we faced a story concerning the American IdolA host is seen flirting with a younger star. Let’s look back on that rumor to see if it was true after all.

Ryan Seacrest: ‘Cradle-Robber’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerSeacrest was apparently infatuated with Selena Gomez. She was not happy about it. To wish Gomez a happy Birthday, Seacrest posted a photo with Gomez and comments called them a cute couple. Insiders said that “Selena is very fond of Ryan … but she doesn’t look at him as boyfriend material!”The Wizards of Waverly PlaceStar seemed to be aware of his penchant and reputation for younger women so she moved on.

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Because it mischaracterized Seacrest’s use of social media, the story was false. Many of his friends are happy birthday wishes. He’s obviously not dating the likes of Jennifer Lopez or Shawn Mendes, so why was Gomez treated any differently? We were able to debunk the story because Seacrest was at the time dating Aubrey Paige, a model.

How’s Ryan Seacrest Doing?

Seacrest still doesn’t date Gomez a year later. Paige and he are still together. Recently, they were spotted together. Ibiza Vacation, so it’s safe to say they’re in the lap of luxury.

Gomez just celebrated her 30th birthday. She was surrounded by friends… and Maybe a new look for you?. While she hasn’t commented on the rumors, Gomez was spotted dancing and staying close to producer Andrea Iervolino all night. 

Seacrest didn’t post any images on Instagram this year of the two. Perhaps he was trying to avoid ridiculous rumors. This is a classic example where a tabloid creates rumors out of nothing but a friendly email.

The Trash Did Not Stop

The InquireSeacrest continues to be a target to this day. It recently blamed Seacrest’s departure for sliding ratings at E!. The drop in ratings has been negligible. Cable ratings are dropping across the board.

We also broke the story about Seacrest fighting Kelly Ripa for equality. Ripa and he are good friends, so this was ridiculous. Seacrest was announced by this tabloid that he would be leaving. Live!Yet, this did not happen in 2018. The InquireSeacrest is not available from this source. Gomez and Gomez are just friends.

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