Sketchy Source Says Barbra Streisand’s Supposedly ‘Flirty’James Brolin is reportedly upset by James’ behavior with an ex-partner


Has James BrolinHad it with Barbra Streisandand her flirty reputation? One report says Brolin can’t stand seeing how close the Funny GirlStar is pictured with one of her famous ex-partners. Let’s learn about the rumor and what it has going for it.

‘Flirty Babs Driving Brolin Batty!’

According to the GlobeStreisand is reuniting with Elliott Gould to write her long-awaited memoir. She’s apparently leaned on him to fill in some gaps, and Brolin isn’t happy about it. “Barbra’s memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be and Elliott has been a huge help,”An insider’s view. “They’ve always been close and were once considered Hollywood’s golden couple until her skyrocketing fame wrecked their marriage.”

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Even though their marriage didn’t work out, they say, Streisand has always kept Gould in her heart. Brolin is supposedly doing his best to tolerate this affection, but he’s not happy about it. According to an insider, “James must feel threatened… Writing her autobiography has made Barbra nostalgic about the past and she’s calling up Elliott a lot these days, just to laugh and reminisce. She doesn’t think it’s flirting—but her husband might say otherwise!”

Barbra Streisand is Flirting With Someone?

Last year, Gould called his union “marital bliss” “like a bath of lava.”He also stated that “We didn’t grow together, and the reason for that was because she became more important than us.” Gould and Streisand blew up for valid reasons and there’s never been any chance of a romantic reunion.

While it’s true that Streisand is writing a memoir, there’s no sign she’s relying on Gould to tell her story for her. Jimmy Fallon was told by Streisand that she’s written 824 pages since 1999, and the pandemic allowed her to focus on it. She did not mention Gould in the interview.

This story can be ignored, since Streisand is a completely different person. It certainly doesn’t help that the GlobeIt has terrible stories about Streisand.

Take a look at history

This outlet was the one that claimed Brolin and Streisand were falling apart last year. Brolin had been jealous of Streisand’s dogs before that because she loved them so much. Considering the fact that they’re still happily married, those stories look ridiculous.

However, there are more bizarre stories. We busted an article about Streisand’s Eminem obsession. She’s a fan of his, but a rep for Streisand told us the story was “total BS.”This tabloid tried to stir things up between Jane Fonda (Streisand) just a few short months ago. Any animosity expressed in recent times has been uttered with humor, so it was also bogus. Streisand and Gould are part of history. Brolin and she have been married for 24 years. It’s obvious which man she’s flirting with.