Sky cancels women’s TV and broadband package instead of her dead mother’s by mistake


Broadcasting company Sky has come under fire for cancelling the broadband and television package of a woman by mistake, when they were supposed to cancel her late mother’s.

Leanne Harvey, 40, has told the Silver Screen Beat how Sky was supposed to cancel the package belonging to her mother Christine Robertson, who only died on Friday, but somehow ended up cancelling her 32-year-old sister Becky Ruiz’s instead.

And the latter was on the phone to Sky customer service for nearly two hours trying to explain what had happened, but the company only took the blame once they listened back to the initial phone call Leanne had with them earlier this week.

Leanne, who lives in Milton Keynes, told us: “It took a while for them to believe that my sister was not actually deceased, but then when they decided to believe her they made her cancel my mum’s package down first and then register and go through the process of her being a new customer!

Christine Robertson died on Friday, aged 60
Christine Robertson died on Friday, aged 60

“My sister has had the new box delivered and installed now, but the internet won’t be connected until Monday which is sooner than we hoped but still not ideal.”

They originally thought it would take two weeks to connect the new broadband service.

This has still, however, left the woman who has a six-year-old child without any internet – but was given just £30 compensation credit off the next bill.

Leanne added: “She will have spent that in phone calls to Sky and no refunds for all the films she had downloaded for my niece.

The two sisters are very close, which has been a "blessing" for Leanne
The two sisters are very close, which has been a “blessing” for Leanne (right)

“All the stuff from her planner has gone which you don’t realise is such a comfort in sad times

“I know it seems petty but I don’t understand how they could make such a bad mistake, they listened to the call of me reporting mum’s death before they would admit it was their error, yet we still had to wait for them and work around their times.

If we had not had the box installed yesterday we would have had to wait until February 15.

“We also have to send all the old equipment back ourselves; the sky engineer couldn’t take it which is another thing to do.

Sky compounded the family's misery with another letter received today, to further complicate the saga
Sky compounded the family’s misery with another letter received today, to further complicate the saga

“Beck has had to explain to my niece about losing all her films and not being able to watch them at bedtime – we were not expecting mum to pass as soon as she did so this was just not needed.”

And to make matters even worse, Ms Ruiz received a letter this morning from Sky to state that someone has applied to take over the account on the property, as it appears that Sky now has taken her address to be that of her mother’s.

Leanne added: “This could have caused trouble between my sister and me as they were trying to suggest that it was my error.

“We only have each other now, so I do not want to imagine how things would have been if it had caused us to fall out.”

A Sky spokesperson told the Silver Screen Beat: “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to Ms Harvey and Ms Robertson at an extremely difficult time for them both

“Following the initial issue, the correct account has now been cancelled.

“Ms Robertson has a new account and we have credited her account as a gesture of goodwill.”

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