SmartWatch recall due to fears of causing burns and fires


Canada’s Health Agency recalled another smartwatch after it was discovered that the accessory could possibly burn its users or cause fire hazards. Decathlon Kiprun GPS550 smartwatches should be returned to the agency. “immediately stop using”The watch claims that the battery is included in the purchase. “may overheat during charging or while in use and may cause burns or present a fire risk.”

The defective timepiece has not been linked to any reported burns in Canada. CTVReports state that 124 units were sold across the country from July 2020 through February 2022. Anyone who bought the watch can return it to any Decathlon store for a full refund. 

Health Canada had reported two weeks earlier that Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch had been recalled due to a similar problem involving an overheated battery. There are four types of watches at issue, each with a color LCD display measuring 3.6 cm. The battery can last for four days. According to Fitbit, the affected product was sold 70 561 units between August 2017 and August 2020. The items were purchased by the following: 

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