Snapshot captures Brit volunteer tells friends that he is ok


According to reports, a brave British volunteer for aid told his friends that he was “OK”According to a friend, he was captured in Ukraine before he could be released.

Dylan Healy (22 years old) was kidnapped by Russian forces while he was passing through a Russian checkpoint in southern Ukraine. He had traveled to the country to aid war victims.

Sophie Goldring, a sixth-form student who attended the same sixth school as Dylan, claims they kept in touch through Snapchat and that he had reassured him of her safety when they last spoke.

She said: “He sent me a Snapchat of him driving. He said he was ok. Apart from that haven’t heard from him which has now worried me.

“He was determined to [go to Ukraine]To help. It was his desire to help.

A Brit who went to volunteer in Ukraine used Snapchat to talk to pals before reportedly being captured
Before being captured, a Brit went to Ukraine to volunteer and used Snapchat to chat with pals.

A friend, Allan Moore (29 years old), said Dylan was a good friend. “just a kid from a council estate who went out there to help”.

Allan, who played football alongside Dylan, also stated that he was told his pal was trying save a young family from Putin’s forces.

The friend said: “It doesn’t surprise me he went out there [to Ukraine] but I’m shocked at the situation now.

He revealed that Dylan had been “One paramedic” and had also attempted to enter the Army but “Medical reasons prevented me from doing so.”

One old school friend said Dylan Healy, 22, had stopped sending messages leaving them 'worried'
One old school friend said Dylan Healy, 22, had stopped sending messages leaving them ‘worried’

Dylan’s neighbors in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire said Dylan had done odd jobs while he was there.

Dylan sent a Facebook update to his friends, stating that he was driving to Ukraine but had arrived in Poland.

Friends left 25 comments on his post wishing him well, and encouraging him to stay safe.

One friend wrote “Thinking of you and praying for safety x”While another person said: “Bless you Dyls. Stay safe and be wise x”

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