Sneak Peek Clip: Pete Welcomes Sasappis To ‘Hell’


This week’s episode Ghosts Pete (Richie Moriarty) will be there to show you some tough love. A sneak preview clip from Thursday’s new episode is available. “Jay’s Friends,” we see Pete trying out a more brutal attitude to teach Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) a lesson. The maneuver fails to work, much to his dismay.

Pete and Sass make unlikely roommates at Woodstone Manor. In this episode, it appears that Sass has grown tired of Pete’s. “unceasing cheeriness.”This scene shows Pete trying to convince Sass that his positivity can be better than any other. He vows: “From now on, I’m a mean old sourpuss just like you wanted. No more smiles, no more compliments, no more scalp massages while you sleep to stimulate your dreams… For the rest of eternity, you’re rooming with a joyless, sulking void.”

Sass is initially shocked by this sudden change but quickly adjusts. Pete asks Sass if he has missed anything. “friendly old classic Pete now,”Sass replies: “No, I like this. Thanks, buddy!”Pete, who is left to deal with his failure, admits how difficult it was to adopt his new vocabulary. He says: “Son of a B-word.”

Fans can now predict that Pete’s positive outlook will not be changed. We’ve learned a lot about Pete’s backstory so far – he was killed by a stray arrow loosed by one of the girls in his “Pinecone Scouts” troop. He is a people-pleaser almost to a fault. He realized this when his wife was cheating on him with his best friends. His optimistic outlook didn’t fade for long, even though he was cheated on by his best friend.

We also know that Sass doesn’t seem as depressed as he makes himself out to be. Sass still feels bitter from the time his father didn’t support him in his dream to become a tribe storyteller. Although the cause of his death has not been revealed, we have seen him arguing with Sam (Rose McIver), over creative differences. He is sensitive, even though he relies on sarcasm to keep his emotions under control.

It appears that Pete and Sass will be the B plot of this week’s episode of Ghosts. The rest of the discussion will be about Jay’s (UtkarshAmbudkar) new friendship to Micah (Drew Tarver), which is making ghosts weary. They believe Micah is a cult leader. Jay, however, has difficulty convincing them. Ghosts It airs on Thursdays, at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Paramount+ has the ability to stream it live and on-demand.

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