‘SNL’ Cast Allegedly Furious With ‘Total Diva’ Behavior


Is Kim Kardashian turning Pete Davidson into a diva? One report says the SNL star is changing for the worse because he’s keeping up with a Kardashian. Gossip Cop investigates.

Pete Davidson’s Diva Behavior

Per the Globe, Kardashian is turning Davidson into a slacker who breaks the rules at SNL. “The cast is starting to turn on him,” a source says. Her apparent love of fame has turned him into a diva.

Davidson has started missing rehearsals, but he’s not been barred from the live shows despite show policy. Even though Colin Jost is the one married to a movie star, Davidson is the one who “now has security for when he’s outside the building,” a source reveals. Executives refuse to give him any special treatment, yet his diva tendencies are only getting worse.

Plain Old Sexist

This is a bizarre story that leans on a tropey crutch in lieu of actual evidence. The Globe’s logic says Kim Kardashian is a diva, so she must be tarnishing Pete Davidson. This is sexist, pure, and simple.

Say what you will about Kardashian, but you can’t call her lazy. She runs multiple businesses, is a reality star and social media expert, and is working on a law degree. What part of that constitutes lazy diva behavior? We’re in a different era of SNL now, where folks like Davidson, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong can miss shows while staying a core part of the cast.

We also know for a fact that, despite what tabloids would have you believe, Davidson is well-liked at SNL. He and Jost just bought a ferry together, so they’re all tight. As for getting security, Davidson has a very valid reason to do so if he wishes. Kanye West did seem to rap about assaulting him in a new song, and the rapper also started sounding off about mafia hits in a very ugly exchange with Kardashian. It’s totally reasonable for Davidson to watch his back.

If anything, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are keeping things fairly lowkey. They’ve still got their respective careers in full swing and aren’t really making a spectacle of the relationship. If you checked Kardashian’s Instagram, you wouldn’t even know they were dating.

Other Torrid Kardashian Stories

The Globe recently reported that Kanye West thought Kim Kardashian was too gutless to get divorced. That story missed the mark in all sorts of ways. It also claimed he was angry with Kardashian because she showed too much skin at the Vatican. West isn’t exactly known for keeping his thoughts to himself, and he didn’t say a word about Kardashian’s dress. Pete Davidson is not getting destroyed by Kardashian, so this whole narrative can go out the window.

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