‘SNL’ Cast Allegedly Shifting On Pete Davidson Because of Supposed Diva Behavior. Kim Kardashian Relationship, Dubious Rumors


Is it? Pete DavidsonHis poor terms Saturday Night Live co-stars? Rumor has it, Davidson’s whirlwind romance with Kim Kardashianhis work environment has been difficult. Here’s what the tabloids are saying.

‘SNL’Furious With ‘Total Diva’ Davidson?

The era of the internet was not too far away. Globe Pete Davidson started to irritate his castmates, according to reports. Saturday Night Live His constant rule-breaking and “diva” behavior. “The cast is starting to turn on him,”An insider shared his insights with the tabloid. Apparently, Kim Kardashian was encouraging Davidson to skip out on rehearsals, and the show’s refusal to discipline him was starting to bother the rest of the cast. But still, Davidson wasn’t letting up and even hired a security team for when he leaves the building.

However, we saw through the tabloid’s sexist stereotyping. According to the magazine, Kardashian, a well-known woman, should behave like a normal person. “diva.”This would mean that she would infect Davidson by her high-maintenance personality. We had no reason to believe that this was true. Kardashian seems to prioritize her work, according to what we know. We don’t think she would have a negative influence on Davidson.

Pete Davidson Skipping Out ‘SNL’ Rehearsals?

But other outlets were starting to find similar rumors about Davidson’s problems behind the scenes. A few months earlier, The BlastDavidson reported that he was “starting to annoy several of his colleagues, with his focus not being on the success of the weekly show.”But this time, NBC stepped forward to defend Davidson. In a statement The Blast, a spokesperson for the network revealed that Davidson hadn’t missed one day of work despite jetting around with Kardashian in his free time. So, we felt comfortable closing out this chapter of Davidson gossip—say what you will about the man, but he shows up to work.

‘SNL’Pete Davidson and the Stars:

Then, OK! revealed that Kardashian was actually complicating Davidson’s social life in addition to his professional one. “Most of [Davidson’s friends] are actually worried for Pete,”An insider pointed this out. “I mean, every guy that’s ever dated the women in her family has landed in the dumpster.” Apparently, Davidson’s good friend and co-worker Colin Jost and his wife Scarlett Johansson were actually dodging Davidson’s calls. “There’s been talk about a double date, but that’s not happening,”The tipster was confident.

Yet, we weren’t able to substantiate any of the tabloid’s claims. It looked like OK! Davidson was deemed a sham by the same stereotypes and rumors that he was based on. “diva.” Most of the Kardashians’ exes are doing just fine, and Davidson has certainly dated some famous women. We didn’t see any reason that Davidson’s friends, let alone Jost, would be anything less than supportive of his new romance.

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