“SNL” Steps Up to Combat Russian Disinformation with Memes in Cold Open


Willem Dafoe is back for his second appearance in two weeks Saturday Night LiveTonight’s show will see Katy Perry as the host and musical guest. After an episode featuring Will Forte, who returns to the show from his memorable stint as cast member, this week is all about normalcy thanks to Dafoe’s blockbuster. Spider-ManPerry’s status and Perry as a pop superstar.

This week, the political world was reopened with President Joe Biden at the White House, accompanied by a lot confusion over Ukraine’s situation and Tom Brady’s retirement.

This cold open focuses on Russia’s online hijinks, and possible invasion. The staff showed the president some horrifying misinformation online. Stories about Ukraine’s border invading on their troops, Neil Young warning that he will remove his music Spotify unless Russia invades Ukraine, and even a few memes featuring our most loved figures.

The show is perfectly suited to not focusing on the president while making fun of his flaws. The show also has the opportunity to mock a variety of topics, including an unpolished Ukrainian ad with Aaron Rodgers and Jake (State Farm) with a thick foreign accent.

Mackayla, McKaylah, or Mickehlah are added to the White House team to serve as a secretary. This creates America’s own memes that will counter Russian disinformation. “We don’t believe in drone strikes, we believe in breaking own our enemies psychologically.

The cold open has been the place for political jokes, besides Weekend Update, and this season has seen many trials for what works in the post Donald Trump world. It’s working. Not sure. The show is still in transition between seasons, a Pandemic, elections, and the career aspirations its cast.

Still, this is the first season in quite a while that all new cast members have been able to hit quality marks every week. This is because some cast members are busy with other projects. It’s a blessing to have quality hands.

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