Snoochie Shy gets ‘nervous’ about revealing secret birth mark, as DJ prepares for I’m A Celeb


BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie SHY has admitted that she is concerned about the public discovering her secret birthmark as she prepares for staring in the forthcoming series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

The ITV series opener will see the 29-year old star alongside stars like Richard Madeley (Good Morning Britain), Frankie Bridge (Saturdays), and David Ginola (football legend).

Snoochie’s birthmark will be visible on her cheek, as all contestants are stripped of makeup during the show.

“I am a little bit nervous about it,”She admitted.

Snoochie Shy 'nervous' about exposing secret birth mark as DJ prepares for I'm A Celeb
Snoochie expressed excitement at facing her fears about the birthmark and said that it is a joy for her.

“People other than my family don’t know I have a birthmark on the right side of my cheek and so it will be the first time I am letting people know I have one. It has been an insecurity of mine in the past but I am also excited to face up to it.”

The DJ expressed concerns that she might struggle with some of her more terrifying trials.

She said: “My mum keeps laughing, as she knows I am such a scaredy cat! Bugs and me are not best friends.

Snoochie Shy 'nervous' about exposing secret birth mark as DJ prepares for I'm A Celeb
Two years ago, Snoochie was offered the late night slot at BBC 1Xtra.

“But that all said, one of the things I am most looking forward to about doing this programme is the trials! They are all crazy.”

Snoochie said that the famous trial in which celebs are kept in a coffin filled with creepy crawlies was her. “big fear”.

She is not a fan of heights. She stated that heights are not her cup of tea during a recent trip she made to a theme-park. “was so scared I didn’t make a noise” during a 20ft roller coaster drop.

Snoochie Shy 'nervous' about exposing secret birth mark as DJ prepares for I'm A Celeb
Snoochie’s biggest fear is being locked in a coffin filled with critters.

Snoochie is a big fan of beans and rice in her own home. She has been working to lose weight in preparation for the I’m A Celeb camp.

But she believes she will find other aspects of this show more difficult.

“I am going to miss my mum too. I call her six times a day and I see my friends all the time. It will also be weird not reaching out for my phone when I am bored!”She continued.

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