So When Is ‘Riverdale’ Coming Back With A Season 6? More On Release Date.


Season 5 was a Riverdale reunion to remember. Josie and the Pussycats returned to their hometown after a seven-year jump with Archie and the gang. Although a lot has changed for Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead over the years, the murderous nature of Riverdale remains the same.

The Season 5 finale aired on Oct. 6 and gave viewers a glimpse of what’s to come when the series returns. But when is Riverdale coming back? Sooner than you think.

Here’s what we know about Season 6 of ‘Riverdale’ so far.

According to Roberto, the upcoming season is “a little bit weirder” and “a little more twisted” now that the gang has transitioned from adolescence to adulthood. In an interview with Nerds of Color, KJ Apa teased that the Season 6 premiere left him “questioning Archie’s whole existence.”



“Honestly, this one’s crazy because I’ll say that in the first episode, we see a lot of the cast all together in a lot of scenes. So, something is going on because whenever everyone is all together in a lot of scenes, some s–t is about to go down,” he hinted.

While we can always count on a murder mystery in Riverdale, Roberto teased that viewers would get a better glimpse into the gang’s romantic lives in Season 6. Betty and Archie’s sexual encounter leads Barchie shippers to wonder what’s next for the would-be couple while things heat up between Tabitha and Jughead.

Betty Cooper Lili Reinhart Riverdale


It’s unclear what romantic connections will surface in Season 6, but Mädchen Amick confirmed that Betty’s mom gets her groove back in an interview with Decider. The Season 5 finale teased that Frank and Alice might become a thing if FP doesn’t return.

When asked about her character’s newfound love life, the actress hinted, “I don’t know if I can completely answer, only because I don’t know what’s in [showrunner] Roberto [Aguirre Sacasa]’s head, but I will say at the beginning of this new season, there’s quite a bit of some flirtation happening between Alice and Frank. So Fralice may be on the rise.”

But with everyone’s story coming full circle, fans are wondering if Riverdale is ending soon. According to showrunners — not a chance. There is no indication that the show will be canceled shortly, and according to the CW, they’re working on ways to continue to keep the Riverdale franchise alive.

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