Social media influencers protest the new $1.25 Dollar Tree prices


Dollar Tree announced that they will be increasing their prices by $1 to $1.25 for the first time since 1985.

They noted that the decision was permanent and it was to “enhance the company’s ability to materially expand its offerings, introduce new products and sizes, and provide families with more of their daily essentials.”

Some customers have protested or are reacting negatively now that the prices are changed. According to CNN.

YouTube star Josh Prey recently posted a VideoTalking about the price and how it was set “out of control.”

“I ain’t ever thought about Dollar Tree as a Target or a Walmart or an expensive brand,”He said. “When I go into Dollar Tree, I know what I’m getting.”

“Dollar Tree just came out and said they are raising their prices to a $1.25. Everything in the store. Most of everything in the store gon’ cost a $1.25 because it allows them to offer an arrange (an array) of items at $1.25.”

“I don’t want expensive a— items, okay?”He notes. “Imma stay out yo store now. I don’t want an array of items. I don’t want options.”

CNN reported that other influencers online have voiced their disapproval of the price hike.

Leniza Costa is a beauty influencer who has been known for her constant trips to the Dollar Store. Now, she says that she will be buying $1 items at Walmart.

“I wish they wouldn’t have done that because most of their shoppers are people who are not getting paid a lot of money,”She spoke. “This is the worst time to increase the price when everything else is so much.”

YouTuber The Scent Maven also Posted a video about Dollar Tree and claimed that she heard one employee tell another employee that they are tired of customers asking when they are changing the store’s name to the $1.25 Tree.

“We all, in the Dollar Tree community, hoped it wouldn’t happen,”She spoke.

There is no tangible data yet to determine if the price change has affected the store in any way, CNN said. The next quarterly results will provide that data.

More than 2,000 of the 8,700 U.S.-based stores have raised prices so far.

Inside Edition Digital reached out to Dollar Tree to make a statement. 

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