Sofia Vergara Called Out For Alleged ‘Hush-Hush Facelift’ By Sketchy Source


Did Sophia Vergara get a facelift while in quarantine? One tabloid claims the Modern Family actress took her unexpected time off to do some “freshening up” on her appearance. Let’s take a closer look at Vergara’s alleged makeover.

Sofia Vergara Hiding Secret Facelift?

The latest edition of Life & Style reports Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara got a facelift during quarantine but is keeping the details under wraps. An insider tells the tabloid she “has gotten small, discreet injections and procedures in the past, but felt that she needed a little more help to combat the inevitable aging process.” While some celebrities go for more extreme procedures, Vergara emphasized subtlety.

“Sofia was adamant that she didn’t want to look any different. She just wanted a little freshening up and is thrilled with the way that it turned out!” the tipster exclaims. The magazine points to a recent selfie Vergara posted to Instagram, insisting she was showing off how she’s managed to “turn back time.”

Sofia Vergara’s ‘Hush-Hush’ Quarantine Facelift?

This report simply isn’t true. While it’s possible Vergara decided to get some work done — that’s totally her choice — this tabloid’s tale doesn’t check out. First of all, the tabloid used photos from an early 2018 movie premiere to showcase how Vergara’s looks have changed. Of course, Vergara isn’t going to look the exact same way she did over three years ago.

In fact, someone pointed out that Vergara was looking a bit different in late 2018, to which Vergara responded, “It’s called aging.” And we have no reason to doubt that. But even if she owes her looks to something less natural, the magazine specifically alleged she received a facelift during quarantine. But judging from these pre-pandemic photos of Vergara, her looks haven’t changed drastically — if at all — during the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s obvious the tabloid just wanted to shame Vergara with this imaginary story. But whether or not Vergara has gotten work done, she still looks absolutely stunning.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Looks

This is far from the first time Life & Style has tried to shame a celebrity for the way they look. Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed Chrissy Teigen was addicted to plastic surgery. Then the magazine reported Selena Gomez’s unrecognizable appearance was concerning fans. Then the publication alleged Victoria Beckham’s friends were begging her to stop using fillers. Obviously, Life & Style has a habit of shaming celebrities for their appearances.