Some Mornings The TikTok Famous Pug Appears to Have ”No Bones”.


Each decision is the basis of our existence. What are you going to do to make today happy? What are our goals? What will you do to be the best friend and parent, spouse, lover, or employee?

It sounds hard work if it does. Sometimes mother nature will give us something we love, but it is up to us to make it work most of the time.

This takes perseverance. Many of us react to that immediately with this: “no bones. “TikTok’s pug is becoming famous.

This pug is “no bones.”Mornings see TikTok users cracking up.

Everybody had had mornings when they didn’t want the effort to get out of bed. Everything seems like a chore. There’s the mail pile we have to open, and then there’s the call to EZ-Pass because you were hit with something. $220 in fines for a $0 TollTo getting ready for work or reading through the messages in group chat. We all have those moments where we wish we could hit the jackpot. “pause.”For a while, you can exist.

While you’re at it, “pause. “If you are in a stressful situation, pressing the button too often is likely to be inadequate training. You’ll naturally want to press the button. “tap out. “It’s a relatable sentiment, however.

One that this pug perfectly captures. Noodle, a puppy 13 years old, has inspired tons of memes. “No-Bones days.”

A social media manager, aged 30, Jonathan Graziano, showcased a case of Noodle’s “boneless” Mornings are when Noodle chooses to curl up in his dog bed rather than seize the day. Will Noodle get his bones engaged or not? Jonathan wakes Noodle every morning to ask this question.

Jonathan discusses the reveal. “Bones” Vs. “No Bones”It’s a day like Groundhog Day, except that the question is not whether Noodle will see his shadow but if Noodle will decide to be productive in society or what that means for dogs.

The “no bones”Jonathan has seen a significant increase in his TikTok follower’s thanks to pug.

TikTok can seem like a lonely and embarrassing way to make money. To make a decent income, you need to have millions to millions of followers and many replays.

Jonathan is getting closer to that additional income source, and Noodle seems to be helping him. However, Noodle appears to be enjoying his Noodle-glorification videos.

Interview with InsiderJonathan said that Jonathan had approximately 50,000 followers before he uploaded the Noodle content. He has almost 994,000 followers on TikTok as of the writing.

It looks like he is putting Noodle’s laziness to work. The puppy is only 13 years old and deserves some respect. I’ll take that dog flopping over some person who thinks they’re great mirthlessly dancing in front of a camera with a plastered-on-Joker-smile any day of the week.

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