Some rumors suggest that Barack Obama is furious at Michelle for her Celebrity Crush. They are supposedly living separate lives.


Are you BarackAnd Michelle ObamaAre they growing apart? According to recent reports, the couple’s differing interest and Michelle’s wandering eye are causing a rift in their marriage. Let’s check in on the former first family.

Barack Obama Infuriated by Celebrity Crush

A few months back, the Globe Reports indicate that Michelle Obama was in deep trouble with Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver. “crisis”Barack in her marriage. After Michelle attended a practice session of Hamilton’s in Miami and was pictured in a tight embrace with the driver, sources immediately began to worry. “It was kind of creepy how obviously drawn to him she was,”An insider’s explanation. “It’s really testing Barack’s patience, but she doesn’t seem to care!”

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But, at the time, we noted that hugs aren’t out of the ordinary for Mrs. Obama. On a daily basis, the activist and public figure greets people with hugs. Even though she broke royal protocol by hugging the queen, she came under fire in Britain in 2009. You can’t base such an insane story about Michelle jeopardizing her marriage all based on a single image of her hugging someone and expect anyone to take it seriously.

Barack And Michelle Having ‘Screaming Matches’?

But, Globe wasn’t ready to let this one go. The tabloid printed a story about Michelle having cosmetic surgery in order to look younger. “hunky”Lewis Hamilton. “Barack is appalled Michelle’s glamming herself up and flirting with hot younger guys,”One tipper was lost. “It’s humiliating to him and something he’s not willing to tolerate.”

Sometimes, when there’s no genuine evidence to consider, you just have to ask yourself: “Does this sound right?”This story isn’t complete. We have an answer. “no.”Michelle has never expressed an interest plastic surgery, younger men or making her husband uncomfortable. And since the former first lady hadn’t been connected to Hamilton at all since their brief meeting weeks prior, we simply couldn’t buy what the magazine was selling here.

Michelle And Barack Obama ‘Living Separate Lives’?

Hamilton’s incident is still fresh in my mind, but I am trying to let it go. Globe We tried a new angle. Michelle was too busy this time. “Hollywood”This was causing issues between her and Barack. “She’s accepting invites without Barack, hobnobbing with celebrities, and hosting private luncheons and dinners in LA,” a tipster dished. “She prefers the California climate and has shoved Barack aside feeling he’s basically useless when it comes to her agenda.”

But, yet again, we weren’t recognizing this person that the magazine claimed was Michelle Obama. We discovered a committed activist through our research. A public figure whose image was built upon advocacy and service, we saw. While it’s true both she and Barack had dipped their toes into filmmaking, even that was pioneered with the purpose of telling important and impactful stories. So, no, we couldn’t believe that she was ditching her husband of 30 years to become a Hollywood socialite.