Some things ‘Are Only for Us’ (Exclusive).


Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren Akins has a large online following who enjoy watching their daily adventures with the kids. Rhett clarified recently that he and Akins try to keep a healthy balance between their personal lives and social media. He said that they do have some limitations. “that are just for us.”Rhett shared his thoughts with during an exclusive interview.

“Me and Lauren have always been pretty open, you know, about our lives and, when our kids came in… I think lately our, our kind of new mission is just like, let’s, there are things that are just for us as a family, like this picture, this is gonna make the wall. And that’s just for us, you know?”He stated. “But, I think, it’s cool to kind of show, like, how we live life and what we do and how crazy our household is. And, you know, I’ve gotten into photography a lot lately, so I take thousands of pictures of my kids weekly. And I’m like, ‘Oh, this is cool.’ And, ‘This is artsy.  I kinda wanna post this.’ But, you know, my kids, they’re just kind of just like, they’re just oblivious and kind of just whatever. They just [are] who they are through and through and, [we] love them to death.”

Rhett thanked his fans for being so supportive and said, “I love that, you know, our fans have just embraced our family the way that they have. They’re so kind to us and are always kind of checking in on how the girls are doing. And it kind of feels like we’re all sort of doing life together in a way.”

Rhett recently partnered with Fritos in order to launch the new company’s website. “Down for Everything”Campaign, and confessed to it that it had brought his family closer, particularly his oldest daughter. “Ever since I had done this campaign with Fritos, we have like a lot of Fritos now, and we have like a lot of like every flavor of Fritos,”He stated. “So like Willa Gray loves spice like just as much as I do, my other kids don’t love spice. And so when they came out with the new spicy one, like me and Willa Gray just kind of snuck down to the basement and just started eating chips together and watching Disney movies. It was pretty awesome.”

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