Sophie Wessex wipes away a tear while she was joined by Kate Middleton at Remembrance Sunday Service


As she watched the Remembrance Sunday service in London, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton joined her, Sophie, countess from Wessex was seen shedding a tear.

The three women could be seen watching from a balcony at the Foreign Office as Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne laid wreaths at Cenotaph.

The Queen couldn’t join them because she had injured her back and was unable attend the service.Mirror reports.

Sophie stood on a different balcony during last year’s Remembrance Day service. It was held under Covid restrictions.

In that year, the Countess de Wessex was there alongside Sir Timothy Laurence, Princess Anne’s husband.

Sophie Wessex appears to wipe a tear from her eye at the Remembrance Sunday service
Sophie Wessex seems to be wiping a tear from her eyes at the Remembrance Sunday services

In 2019, pre-Covid Sophie again stood on a separate balcony to the Queen and Kate with Sir Timothy aswell as Meghan Markle.

Today, Camilla and Kate wore black hats and coats adorned with poppies. Camilla also was seen rubbing one eye.

As he led the nation to pay tribute to its war deceased at the Cenotaph, Prince Charles looked almost teary-eyed and emotional.

This year's event will see a return to pre-pandemic numbers of participating veterans, military and members of the public
This year, the event will bring back pre-pandemic numbers for veterans, military, and members of public.

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Charles led the Royal Family to place wreaths at London’s Cenotaph after the Queen was informed that she would not be attending Remembrance Day. This just hours before Charles took over the lead.

Charles was somber when he saw the clock strike 11 and the nation fell to silence. He then observed the two-minute silence and laid the Queen’s wreath as well as one for himself.

William, Princess Anne, and Edward followed him, placing wreaths at Cenotaph.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex attends the annual National Service of Remembrance
The annual National Service of Remembrance is attended annually by the Countess of Wessex

Buckingham Palace stated that the Queen was present earlier today. “disappointed”You won’t want to miss this event, which is held every year at the Cenotaph London.

Her Majesty was slated to lead the nation in a commemoration for the war dead at her first in-person public engagement after a stay in hospital last month.

Buckingham Palace claimed that the back strain she suffered was not related to her recent hospital stay.

Last month, she had to stay the night at King Edward VII Marylebone for her surgery. “preliminary investigations”Unknown condition

According to a royal source: “It is the most unfortunate timing for Her Majesty who recently had a short break to Sandringham in Norfolk for a few days and was left feeling rested and recuperated on her return to Windsor Castle.

“On conversation with royal doctors it was decided that a back sprain is not conducive with a car journey and a period of standing.

“Her Majesty is deeply disappointed to miss the ceremony.”

In her 69 years of reign, the Queen only missed six Remembrance Sunday events.