Source Claims Liza Minnelli’s Health Is Apparently Worse Than It Seems, Says Friends Supposedly Think End Is Near


Are you Liza Minnelli‘s loved ones fearing for her health? One tabloid claims the Hollywood icon doesn’You don’t have much time. Let’s check in on the Cabaret star.

Liza Minnelli ‘Won’t See The End Of 2022’?

This week, National Enquirer Reports indicate that Liza Minnelli looked worse during her brief appearance at Oscars. “She can’t speak very well or walk and needs the assistance of a wheelchair to get around,”An insider’s view. “She’s been so brave and lived through so much, but it’s all catching up with her now.” The tabloid recounts the laundry list of health problems Minnelli has endured—everything from addiction to multiple joint replacements.

The pain and years of suffering Minnelli endured since being forced to use a wheelchair were evident during her appearance at Academy Awards. As Minnelli struggled to read the teleprompter, her audience was able to see how Lady Gaga helped her. But a longtime friend of Minnelli’s has insisted that everything was not as it seemed and that Minnelli was “sabotaged.” Even still, the magazine’s tipster goes on: “She’s in a bad way. People around her are gravely concerned and fear the end could be near.”

Liza Minnelli ‘In A Bad Way’?

There are many threads to unravel. First of all, it’s no secret that Minnelli has long struggled with her health. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking sentiment to say that Minnelli is high risk—because of both her age and medical history, that’s just the truth. But the outlet is choosing to frame Minnelli’s Oscars appearance in an overwhelmingly negative light.

As Minnelli’s close friend Michael Feinstein recently claimedMinnelli was suffering from back pain and wanted to be able to sit down during her appearance. While she was allegedly told that she could sit in a director’s chair for the occasion, she ultimately was forced to go onstage in a wheelchair at the last minute. Feinstein claims that Minnelli was disoriented by the unexpected turn of events, and not any cognitive problems.

Feinstein even loosely quoted Minnelli, who may have told him. “I don’t want people to see me limping out there … I wanna look good. I don’t want people to worry about me.”Feinstein said Minnelli was also included. “really doing well”And that “it’s shame that it turned out that way.”

But even if we were to dismiss Feinstein’s testimony, the very fact that Minnelli agreed to appear on stage at all is a pretty good sign for her health. She didn’t have to go on stage that night, but it’s clear she wanted to and felt well enough to do so. All of this speculation about when she’s going to kick the bucket is just crude and hurtful, and we have absolutely no reason to take it seriously.

The Magazine On Other Celebrities’ Health

The National Enquirer just won’t let celebrities age in peace. The outlet reported that Celine Dion was alive and well. “too weak to sing”She had lost dangerously close to 87 pounds. Janet Jackson was then reported by the magazine. “digging her own grave”Her weight gain. And the publication has been betting on Phil Collins’ death for years but still hasn’t managed to get it right. The obvious conclusion is that the Get in touch Has no medical expertise, so it is best to stay out of these matters.