Source: Meghan Markle Allegedly Wanting Access to Every Meeting To Prevent Prince Harry From Returning to Royal Family


Is it? Meghan MarkleAre you afraid of? Prince HarryIs she abandoning her in order to make a return to royal life According to one tabloid, the duchess is doing all she can to prevent Harry from leaving the UK. Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle ‘Freaking Out’How do you return to England?

The latest edition Star reports Meghan Markle is wracked with anxiety over her and Prince Harry’s return to the UK. According to the report Markle began worrying after Harry went to Santa Barbara’s polo match last week. Sources say Markle’s greatest fear is that Harry is going to miss the trappings of royal life and that he’d go back on his decision to give it all up. And as their return to London for Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebrations approached, Markle was on edge.

“Meghan is freaking out about the Jubilee,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “And that the royals will get their claws into Harry… Meghan is insisting that she is included in every meeting to keep things under her control. She’s terrified everyone might get along and they’ll convince him to move home.”The tipster claimed Markle had considered withdrawing completely. “Meghan says she may pull out at the last minute. If she goes, it has to be on her terms,”The snitch is over.

Meghan Markle Is Trying to Keep Prince Harry Alive ‘Under Her Control’?

We see this story as a blatant attempt by Meghan Markle to be vilified. Let’s really take a critical look at this story. The Sussexes won’t let rats in their homes. This is how the magazine got this story. The most obvious answer to this question is “its.” “tipster”The whole thing was made up. It seems that Harry and Markle arrived in London with no problems.

Markle is visible in photos from the Jubilee It was great fun playing with some royal children. Clearly, Markle isn’t “freaking out”About being back in London. We’d even guess she’s enjoying seeing the country once again without the pressures of being a working royal.

The Past Reporting History is a Scandalous One

We’re immediately skeptical of anything Star Writes about Meghan Markle. The tabloid published a story that claimed Markle was expelled by the royal family for her history of plastic surgery. The outlet then accused Harry and Markle of being a sexy pair. “bosses from hell.” And more recently, the publication claimed Prince William banned Markle and Harry from the balcony during Trooping the Colour against the queen’s wishes. Obviously, Star doesn’t have anything verifiable to say about the Duchess of Sussex.

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