Southern China Scientists Discover a Highly Preserved Dinosaur Eggryo


Inside a fossilized egg, scientists discovered a 72-million-year old dinosaur embryo. Scientists call it one of the most preserved specimens of its type ever discovered.

Baby Yingliang, a fossilized theropod dinosaur, found the embryo.

“After careful fossil preparation, basically we see the whole skeleton very clearly,”Fion Waisum Ma is the lead author of Study on Dinosaur Embryo, University Of Birmingham.

“Although some body parts are still embedded inside the dinosaur egg. And we can see a very clean and well-preserved skull that doesn’t have any teeth, and this feature is actually, it’s very typical in Oviratorosaur.”

Scientists from the University of Birmingham (UK) and China University of Geosciences (Beijing) saw the embryo in a tucking pose, as pre-hatched birds do.

“It will start moving into a final tucking posture that is putting the right weight on top of its head, and this posture was suggested to help the birds stabilize when they try to crack the egg shell using its beak,”They were also added.

“And this behavior has long been thought unique to birds, but now we see evidence in our fossil that even in non-bird dinosaurs, they might have the same type of pre-hatching behavior.”

Although the fossilized egg was first discovered in 2000, scientists have been studying it for the past four years. The embryo within was then found.