Southern Hospitality’s Leva Threatens Staff to Heated Teaser


Use social media to be careful about what you post.

This is the lesson to be learned Southern Hospitality is learning in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo series’ Jan. 2 episode. Indeed, these scandalous posts could cost them their jobs at the Republic Garden & Lounge.

Upon returning from a wild trip to Lake Norman in North Carolina, the group gathers for a staff meeting, during which Will Kulp shares that he received some cryptic text messages from boss Leva BonaparteInformation about the weekend’s events.

What about the leaks on the events at Leva Lake? Will believes she was “purposefully vague”In her responses, she prompts Lucía PeñaTo ask the group: “Who was a spy?”

What she doesn’t know is that there were spies, Will Joe Bradley TJ DinchAll confessed in confessionals that Leva was kept up to date via text.

“It was me,”Joe states. “I texted Leva. She texted me first, but I had to tell her.”TJ takes a moment to note, “I tell Leva everything.”

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