Southwest Record Rainfall Causes Flash Floods to Stun Drivers, Hikers


The southwestern United States is currently experiencing life-threatening flooding and torrential downpours after a drought.

In one instance in Utah’s Zion National Park, two hikers were seen clinging to tree branches as they were swept away by flash flooding. Although one of the hikers was eventually rescued downstream, Jetal Agnihotri (a 29-year-old graduate student) is still missing.

“Her back was turned as she was going down, and where that bend was, she got sucked into the undertow,”Another park visitor spoke. 

Later, her mud-soaked backpack turned up.

Dallas was hit with a record 3 inches of rain in one hour. Streets turned into rivers within minutes, leaving motorists stunned. As first responders battled to save him, a man was caught in the flood. 

Texans used social media to share photos of their rivers. One woman managed to rescue her belongings when the water reached her home.

Flash flooding was also captured on video in New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Flood watches were placed on nearly 10,000,000 people by the storms.

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