Spain’s La Cumbre Vieja Volcano Shoots Out Incredible Red-Hot Lava Bomb


An impressive lava bomb was released by the La Cumbre Vieja volcano earlier in the week. Anybody could watch the hot ball roll and roll and roll down an ash-covered slope. 

Lava bombs are molten rocks that have been ejected from volcanoes and cooled before hitting the ground. Some brave observers were able get a close look at them after they came to rest.

La Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish Canary Islands island of La Palma has been erupting ever since September 19th.

The drone pilot was able fly the device into the volcano’s calder and captured some stunning footage. 

Volcanoes have disrupted island life by causing destruction of thousands of buildings and evacuations of thousands. While some are content to remain put for now and others will need to sweep away thick layers of ash left by the natural disaster, those who evacuate must do so. 

They will need to keep doing this for the foreseeable future, as volcanologists don’t know when La Cumbre Vieja might stop erupting. 

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