Spain’s Winemakers and Scientists Find Climate-Proof Vineyards


Wine lovers, beware! Climate change is coming to your favorite beverage.

Warmer temperatures cause grapes to mature more quickly, which leads to wine with lower alcohol and a weaker smell.

Spanish scientists and winemakers tell CBS News that they are working to climate-proof the crops. In Spain, a vineyard planted grapes in a curved pattern, which will help keep water in place if it doesn’t rain for a while.

CBS News interviewed Maria Santolaya, RODA Winery. “We have planted to fight against the problems of global warming.“

And over at the Vine and Wine Research Institute they’re actually studying the DNA of vines to see how they can stand up to changing weather conditions.

“Looking for those traits, those differential traits that can make the vines be better adapted to environmental conditions,”Jose Miguel Martinez Zapater of Vine and Wine Research Institute told CBS News.

Their efforts will hopefully help preserve this ancient libation and its legacy for future generations.  

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