Spencer Matthews is in shock after Vogue Williams, a pregnant woman, goes on’sex ban’.


Vogue Williams has disclosed that her doctor has put her on a ban from having sex. Spencer Matthews was not impressed.

The 36-yearold is currently pregnant and due to give birth in March.

The presenter admits that she is currently under strict orders to not have sex in the next two weeks.

Talking on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted meJoanne, her best friend, was discussing exercise with Vogue. Vogue shared how she’d had to give up exercising. The Mirror.

She stated: “I have to put my proper training on the back burner. I went to the doctor the other day – I’m on a sex ban – while I go to the Maldives – I’m lying there with a probe in me.

Vogue Williams is band from sex by doctors leaving Spencer Matthews in shock
Vogue Williams has been banned by doctors from having sex

“And the doctor says, ‘You can’t have sex for two weeks until you get back, so I can keep an eye on it’.”

She described the problem and her husband’s shock at the ban and continued: “And Spencer’s face, he was like, ‘Excuse me, what, Dr Vasso?’

“We looked at each other’s cervix, and I kept laughing, which was constant, because he kept on going about it. It was becoming more difficult.”

Vogue Williams is currently pregnant with her and Spencer Matthews third child
Spencer and Vogue are currently expecting their third child.

She also added: “My cervix is a little bit open so I have to be careful. I’m allowed to go swimming, I’m not allowed to go for fast walks or do high impact stuff.”

Vogue revealed that Spencer is currently on holiday in the Maldives with his family.

After only one year of being together, the former Made In Chelsea star asked her if she would marry him. The couple met on Channel 4’s The Jump 2017.

Jamie Laing, Spencer’s best friend, revealed that he still finds it embarrassing to admit to the incident on 6 Degrees. “shit” proposal.

Vogue Williams is expecting Spencer Matthews to propose again in the Maldives after 's***' first proposal
Vogue wants Spencer to propose again in the Maldives after a ‘s***’ first proposal

After seeing the West End performance, the 33-year old got down on one knee and asked for his mother’s blessing.

He explained: “We went backstage and there was Simba, Mufasa, and Nala and Scar just kind of stood there.

“And I was like, ‘Well this is going to be weird isn’t it.’ I just kind of dropped to one knee in front of a pride of lions – not real lions, of course, this was the West End – and I proposed to her and I think she was a little bit uncomfortable.”

Vogue has since discussed the “s***” proposal on the couple’s podcast Spencer & Vogue, explaining how “p***ed off” she was.

'Spencer's face' was shocked when doctors tell wife Vogue Williams she can't have sex
Vogue stated that Spencer was shocked at the news of Spencer’s sex ban

She confessed: “I heard Spencer talking about his proposal on his Jamie podcast and I actually went in and felt p***ed off.

“I was like ‘You know what? That was s**t, that was a s**t proposal.’ That might be one of those things… I’d like another proposal that’s not s**t and not all about you.”

Spencer agreed with his wife and admitted it. “haunted me for four years now”.

“I tried to do something nice… “I didn’t realize that I would have an awkward Mufasa next to me.”

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