Split by Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives” Star Returns To Family’s Flagstaff House


After joining the exodus, wives of Kody Brown’s multi-generational family joined on Sister WivesOne of them has already returned home to Flagstaff. InTouch Weekly reported that Janelle Brown is returning to Arizona following a long stay with Maddie, her daughter, and other family members.

According to InTouchBrown shared photos from her North Carolina trip and acknowledged the difficulties many people had during the holidays. She was able to spend a few more days with her family in North Carolina, where she enjoyed some of the warmer weather after the winter freeze.

“Feels like spring even though it’s [the] end of December … Inches of snow at home in Flagstaff,”Janelle also wrote the accompanying post. “I have loved being at Maddie’s.”Funny that the snow is still on the ground in Arizona is because normally, this would be the cause of any delay. This season was a disaster because of outdated systems and issues with Southwest Airlines.

Janelle broke off her spiritual union to Kody Brown after following the example of Christine Brown’s ex-wife. She revealed the news on December 11th’s TLC episode. She later announced her decision in a statement. “Janelle is a strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own,”InTouch was confirmed by a source at the time.

Kody Brown explained the situation a little differently in this episode. He said he was not separated from Janelle but was completely divorced from Christine. This was before his third marriage. Meri Brown, his ex-legal spouse, also stated that she was done having a relationship. Kody Brown has been legally married to only one woman. Robyn Brown won’t be leaving, but that doesn’t mean she will. Robyn made it clear in January’s episode that she did not want monogamous relationships.

“But like, I had, you know, people that wanted to date me, and that I was, you know, kind of friendly with or whatever that talked about living, you know… they wanted to get more serious, a couple [of them] wanted to marry me, kind of a thing,”Brown acknowledged the truth at the time. “I could have had a very happy, successful relationship with some other men. It’s just the truth, I’m sorry! I hate saying it because it sounds like I’m, like, bragging or something, but I’m not. It’s just, this is the truth.”

Were there any other wives able to make it back despite all the drama in the last few weeks? Christine Brown has already admitted that she will continue to be part of the series, so all parties will be there. In reality television, anything is possible.

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