[SPOILER] The shocking murder of yellowjackets is unpackable


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After Yellowjackets Fans spent months trying debunk the seeming too convenient affair between Shauna and (Melanie Lynskey) and too good to be true Adam (Peter Gadiot), the jaw-dropping Jan. 9 episode abruptly left us scratching our heads. 

Spoiler: Adam is gone. Shauna’s sharp knife skills have made Adam cold and hard. Shauna confronted Adam after the failed blackmail heist. (He didn’t go on to Pratt!) and why there was glitter inside her closet. It turns out Jeff, Shauna’s husband is the real thief.Warren Kole). 

Adam’s position is left, other than six feet under. 

“Like everyone, we had a lot of questions about really what was the motivation for Adam,” Gadiot exclusively told E! News. “There’s a lot of speculation about all of these different potential scenarios, but as far as I can tell, no one has actually guessed what the truth is: he is actually just who he says he was.” 

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