Spoilers For Boruto: What Happened During Fight Between Boruto & Sasuke?


After Momoshiki left Boruto’s body, Boruto felt extremely guilty and blamed himself even though it wasn’t his fault. Luckily for him, Sasuke didn’t blame him for it and understood that Momoshiki was controlling his body.

Unfortunately, it looks like Sasuke may never get his Rinnegan back simply because of the plot. When he first got the Rinnegan, he was much more of a main character in the Naruto Universe.

Now that he’s more of a side character (while remaining a fan favorite), he’s not as important to the overall plot of the series. Therefore, it does not make sense for him to ever get it back.

Other characters have also lost abilities throughout the series, and none of them usually come back. Fans have pointed out that so far, Naruto and Sasuke have both lost their Yang seals, and it hasn’t been able to return for either of them.

Plus, because of how deep the stab wound is, it’s a safe bet that Sasuke will never be able to use the eye again at all, so we can forget about his Rinnegan.

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