Spooky Tribute to “Best In Show” by Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies


Celebrities are going all out for Halloween this year, but Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies’ costumes take the cake! The former Victorious Videos of longtime best friends and co-stars were shared by both them and their longtime friends. Best in Show costumes, as well as their spot-on impressions of the movie’s stars. 

Grande And Gillies Transform Into ‘Best in Show’Characters

Showcase the Best, a 2000 mockumentary about the competitive world of dog shows, stars comedic talents like Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Christopher Guest, Jane Lynch, and Jennifer Coolidge. 

Grande and Gillies posted tons of photos and videos of themselves dressed up as multiple characters from the movie, but the internet went particularly crazy over their costumes and impressions of Lynch and Coolidge’s characters. 

Grande’s Halloween History

“ARIANA AND LIZ GILLES YALL NEED AN OSCAR FOR THESE COSTUMES,”One person commented. One person wrote. “I love how Ariana literally surprises us every year for Halloween! Never disappoints.”

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Grande is well-known for her love for Halloween and she always dresses up to impress for this spooky holiday. She’s stepped out in a Twilight ZoneThe look and the characters of Episode-inspired TV shows are both inspired by these episodes. Zoolander, The MatrixAnd Moonrise Kingdom

Other people suggested pairing costumes for next year. “BE CAT AND JADE FOR HALLOWEEN PLS I’M ON MY KNEES,” one fan wrote, referring to Grande and Gillies’ characters from the Nickelodeon show they both starred in. “please do a comedy show,”Another person begged. “i need u two on a show together,”Another fan commented. 

What Does Jennifer Coolidge Think Of Grande’s Impression?

Fans were particularly impressed with Grande’s amazing impression of Coolidge, who has a distinct voice and way of talking. Grande has done a similar impression of Coolidge before and it seems that she is a fan. 

“This is f***ing great. I was gonna go as the young boy’s pet weasel from ‘The Watcher’ but now I think I’m gonna go as @arianagrande’s dog Toulouse,” Coolidge commented on Grande’s post. 

Other celebrities commented on Gillies and Grande’s posts as well. Katy Perry wrote: “can this get nominated.” Actress Eliza Bennett commented, “This is an early Christmas gift. Thank you for doing the lords work.”

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The clips and photos were posted by the actresses in celebration of Halloween. However, the caption revealed that they were actually recorded in May. Grande and Gillies’ costumes might not have been for a Halloween party, but the pair definitely dominated the holiday!

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