Squid Games lovers will love these gifts: pet portraits, creepy alarm clocks, and even creepy alarm clocks.


We have the answer to all your questions.

When it launched on Netflix last year, Squid Game was a huge success. It broke all records and received a staggering 100 million views within its first month.

You don’t have to wait impatiently for confirmation that the second season will be confirmed.

We’ve compiled the top gifts for Squid Game enthusiasts – from a funny mug to a full-on Guard costume. We have plenty of entertainment options to keep you busy until the return of Squid Game.

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1. Squid Game x Pet Portraits

You ever wonder what your cat would look at Red Light Green Light? We don’t know, but we are grateful to Purr & MuttYou can now turn your pet into a real Squid Game character.

The online art company lets you upload photos of your furry friends to make portraits of Player 218 and The Guard. The designs are printed on high quality canvas stretched over a 1.75m.” thick wooden frame.

You can grab your own Squid Game pet portrait from £18.99 – and get it delivered to your door.

2. Creepy alarm clock

There’s probably nothing more disturbing than being woken up by the creepy-looking doll from Squid Game, but if that’s what you’re into – you’re in luck.

Plenty of online retailers are selling a miniature version of the doll that doubles as an alarm. When it’s time to wake up, the show’s theme music will play. Then, the doll’s head will open and turn to your before shooting you in the head.

Don’t worry, it’s just a foam pellet, and while it won’t actually hurt you – it will definitely wake you from the deepest of sleeps.

3. Dalgona cutters

The third episode of Squid Game featured one of the most nail-biting scenes, as contestants desperately tried to cut shapes out of a Korean treat called Dalgona. But, if any players broke the circle candy, they were eliminated.

If you think you have a steady hand and the skills to ace the task while racing against the clock – you can try it out for yourself with these Dalgona cutters.

The candy itself is simple to make – only requiring two ingredients: sugar and baking soda. If you fail, don’t worry, just enjoy the delicious treat and tell nobody..

Think you have what it takes to survive the perilous games? Take the test below to find out

4. Squid Game costumes

Whether you’re going to a fancy dress party or think you’ll look really good in a green track suit, there’s plenty of Squid Game costumes to choose from online.

The only question is – do you want to transform into the contestants, the guards, or the boss himself?

Just FYI, it’s probably best to not wear this out to the pub though, you might get some dirty looks…

5. Squid Game mug

Getting a good night’s sleep in Squid Game is nearly impossible. You have to constantly be alert and on the look out for any traitors who want to play dirty.

So if you’re feeling a little fatigued, and that annoying co-worker or family member won’t stop talking to you – this mug is the perfect purchase.

It features the creepy doll (of course) and is emblazoned with the text: “Talk to me and I’ll get rid of it” – allowing you to have your morning coffee in peace.

Which one of these Squid Games gifts is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section