Stacey Soloman reveals the meaning of Teddy, her adopted dog.


Stacey Soloman revealed the charming hidden meaning of her dog’s name.

After her beloved dog Theo passed away two weeks ago, Loose Women star Loise welcomed this adorable pet into her home.

The 32-yearold woman added the six-month old cocker spaniel to Pickle Cottage to keep Peanut company.

The mother-of-four shared her Instagram story about why Teddy was chosen and a hidden tribute to Theo on her Instagram.

She took a sweet picture of Teddy lying down and shared it with us: “We called him Teddy because Teddy can be short for ‘Theodore’ so we thought it was a special tribute to Theo.”

Stacey Solomon explains emotional meaning behind new dog Teddy’s name
Stacey Solomon explains emotional meaning behind new dog Teddy’s name

Stacey shared how many questions she received about her new dog, and added additional facts about him to her story entitled “All about TEDDY.”

She continued: “We didn’t pick him out but we said we would take any dog suitable for young children and another dog.

“We didn’t care about his breed, colour, or coat as long as it made him happy. “And then came Teddy.”

Stacey Solomon rescued new dog Teddy to keep her other family pet Peanut company
Stacey Solomon rescued Teddy her new dog to keep Peanut, her family pet, company

She wrote that Teddy was saved by the TV star: “I have no idea why or how anyone could not want him or he wouldn’t be ‘good’ enough.

“He is apparently not the right size for his breed, and the reason he was not kept by the breeder.

Stacey Solomon paid tribute to her old dog Theo who died two weeks ago
Stacey Solomon paid tribute two weeks ago to her dog Theo, who she lost.

Stacey visited the pup on Sunday evening with her four children and fiancé Joe Swash before she later welcomed him home the next day.

The TV star shared several sweet photos of Peanut, his cute dog, with his family and new friend Peanut.

In tribute to her dog Theo, she wrote an emotional post.

Stacey Soloman and her family rescue a six-month-old cocker spaniel
Stacey Soloman and her Family rescue a 6-month-old cocker spaniel

She stated: “Welcome Home Teddy. Last night we rescued a dog. But today I’m not sure who has rescued who. We miss you so much Theo.

“I hope you’re looking down from heaven smiling, knowing that peanut will no longer be so very lonely and that a doggy who really needed a family now has one. To the moon and back, always.”

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