Stacey Solomon shares the sweet story of how her teen son changed her life.


Stacey Solomon shared an emotional tribute for her son Zachary, as he celebrated his 14th birthday with style.

On Monday, the 32-year-old mother took to Instagram to send a sweet message to her first child. She also reflected on her life as a teenager mom when she gave birth in 2008 to him.

She shared how she was able to become pregnant with her eldest son. “purpose”She shared a series adorable home videos with her sons on Instagram.

As his mother gushed about the bright young man he has become, he was seen cuddling with his younger siblings and playing happily with their dogs.

Stacey Solomon has shared an emotional tribute to her son Zachary on his 14th birthday
e-mail 7 views 7 View comments Stacey Solomon posted an emotional tribute on Instagram to Zachary, her 14-year-old son, for his birthday. Loose Women actress, 32, shared her memories of falling pregnant with Zachary at 17 years old and stated that her son gave her ‘purpose. She shared several clips with Zachary, including one of Zachary playing with his brother and sister. A voiceover talked about how Zachary was supposed to be the first.

She wrote: “Happy Birthday Zachary. It definitely wasn’t a coincidence. The truth is you changed my whole life.

“I could never comprehend the light and love you would bring. At 17 years old the things they said about us, what they didn’t know was that you were my beginning, my reason, my sole purpose to get up and do my absolute best.”

The mother was a loving and supportive woman. “And you’ve been by my side ever since. It would never have turned out this way without you. Zachary I’m so proud of the man you are becoming and the kind, caring, amazing person that you are.

“We did it Zachy. 14 years my darling boy to the moon and back forever & always.”

Stacey gave birth to her eldest son at the age of 17
Stacey, at 17 years old, gave birth her eldest child.

Tap to Tidy celebrity friends and fans flooded the comments section to send their birthday wishes to Zach online.

Joe Swash, his step-dad and soon-to-be husband, was the first to send him well wishes. “Happy birthday son. Thank you for being such a special man. We love you [heart emoji].”

Davina McAll also wrote: “Oh this is so lovely [smiling emoji] how perfect you have been for each other.”

She was a close friend and fellow influencer online. “I am in tears Stace [crying and heart emoji] happy birthday to dear Zachy! So precious xxx.”

She accompanied the emotional message with an adorable family clip
An adorable clip from her family was added to accompany the emotion message.

One of her loyal fans wrote this: “He is amazing [applaud emoji] and yes you and him started off together when others probably looked down their nose at you but who is laughing now [smile emoji] with hard work and drive xx.”

Another one chimed with: “Oh goodness, I’m an absolute mess! [crying emoji] this is beautiful, he’s such a credit to you and he’s one lucky boy to have you as his mum! Happy Birthday Zach! [purple heart emoji].”

A third part: “Aww this brought a tear to my eye [heart emoji] happy birthday Zachary. Hope you’ve have the best day xxx.”

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