Stagecoach 2022 Starsightings: Hollywood Takes Over the Festival


Stagecoach 2022 has your boots for walking.

Indio, Calif. is home to the biggest country music festival in the year. Thousands of people are enjoying three days of music, dancing, and sunbathing.

Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood and Luke Combs are serving as headliners for the event, which is held April 29-May 1. And before you assume this is just another concert on the calendar, think again! 

“There are so many pinnacles that as a country artist you dream of as a kid and headlining Stagecoach is truly a milestone moment for me,” Thomas Rhett told E! News as he kicked off the weekend at Camp Dos Primos. “I do believe that your dreams can come true. And I know that’s cliche, but I truly believe it.” 

And for the record: His show ended up featuring his biggest hits and surprise guests including Ashton Kutcher, Jon PardiAnd Hardy.

Many performances can be viewed by fans on the official website. live-stream, E! News is keeping track all star sightings.