Star Karen Grassle of ‘Little House on the Prairie” explains why she partnered with Michael Landon.


“Little House on the Prairie”In the 1970s, it was the most popular thing on TV.

Karen Grassle played Ma on the show, and Michael Landon played Pa — the perfect parents — at least on TV.

But Grassle says it wasn’t as wholesome as it seemed. Her new book “Bright Lights, Prairie Dust,”She paints Landon as a sexist and bully on set, noting that he was “a very complex guy.”

Grassle said it was a nightmare to shoot the scenes with Ma and Pa in bed at show’s end.

“He started to tell these filthy jokes about the female anatomy while we sat there. And it was surrounded by men laughing at these jokes. I mean, that was really over the line…We didn’t have a word for sexual harassment in those days,”Grassle stated.

Grassle claims she knows that many will criticize her for going after the actor. He announced in April 1991 that he had terminal pancreatic carcinoma. He died three years later. 

“If people are upset, I’m sorry they are upset, but I had to tell my story,”Grassle stated.

“In his mind, he didn’t do anything wrong,”She continues.

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