Starbucks sues customer who claims that his coffee was poisoned by him


According to Tuesday’s lawsuit, a Connecticut Starbucks customer has filed suit against the chain. He claims that he was given a toxic cleaning chemical and not coffee. Matthew Mitchell claimed he was offered a cleaning product that is used to clean brewing equipment. He accused Starbucks of using a flawed process for warning baristas to know when the cleaning process is underway. Mitchell claims two other customers filed lawsuits against Starbucks over similar complaints.

According to a court filing, Mitchell ordered the allegedly hazardous cup from a Connecticut Starbucks in August 2021. TMZ. Mitchell thought it was coffee, and began to drink the liquid. Mitchell claims that he felt a burning sensation in his chest and throat. Mitchell discovered a blue liquid inside his cup and became nauseated. Mitchell returned to the store and was informed by staff that a new barista made a mistake. The staff of the store did not know that they had used a freshly cleaned machine to make coffee.

Starbucks uses Urnex’s Brewer and Urn CleanerClean brewing machines. Mitchell says that Starbucks’ system of warning baristas about the ongoing cleaning is inadequate. Starbucks shows a cup upside down at the device to indicate that it has been cleaned. Mitchell does not believe that this is enough to prevent new employees from making the same mistakes.

Mitchell claims that the incident has caused him immense pain and suffering. Side-effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the tongue and mouth, as well as gastrointestinal problems. “lingering chark taste,”His lawsuit claims. “This terrifying incident also triggered and greatly worsened his previously diagnosed PTSD, depression and anxiety, which led to heightened emotional trauma and distress,”According to the lawsuit. Mitchell believes Starbucks was responsible for the error and is seeking damages.

“Our baristas take great care in crafting beverages and providing a safe experience for our customers,”Starbucks told the New York Post. “We take this obligation seriously and are reviewing Mr. Mitchell’s claims.”

“Starbucks was on prior notice of such poisonings at its stores but did nothing to prevent it,” Mitchell’s attorney, Joe TacopinaThe Post was informed by. “This multi-billion dollar company clearly chose to cut costs instead of implementing appropriate safety measures to prevent such incidents. That is the most disturbing and egregious part of this case.” 

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