Stars of Aston Villa left feeling like they’re ‘burning alive.


A former Aston Villa star said that she feels like she’s being ‘burnt alive’ because of a rare illness.

Ellen Martin, 25 years old, was most recently a player for Sutton Coldfield FC. But, an injury last year has turned her world upside down. Martin, who sustained a knee ligament injury in November, was unable to walk on the field. This required surgery.

Martin began to feel burning after the surgery. Physiotherapy helped her get rid of it. Martin was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Suicide Disease) after an MRI scan revealed that she had suffered extreme pain.

“My life has spiralled downwards from a split-second tackle in a football match. I have been unable to walk freely, sit in a chair normally, socialise with friends and family or work,” BirminghamLive was informed by her..

“My whole life has paused. With this diagnosis and the rate at which mine is spreading, I have been told the prognosis is not positive.

“My life will slowly disappear as I age 25 due to chronic severe burning pain, loss of mobility and functionality.

Martin feels like 'she is being burnt alive'
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Ellen Martin feels like she is being ‘burnt alive’

“All I did was simply tear a ligament in my leg. A recovery I thought would be hard as it’s the most feared injury you can have. How I wish it was all I had right now. The diagnosis I have been given is of complete loneliness.”

She continued: “It is a living hell. I feel like I am being burnt alive. Imagine feeling like your body is being set on fire while being electrocuted. That’s the kind of pain I have to endure.

“As a young, 25-year-old, I was a former football player and coach. I loved to socialize with my family and friends. I would lose that ability to socialize with my family and friends if this diagnosis were made.

White spoke about how her life has been turned upside down
Martin talked about how Martin’s life was turned upside-down.

Martin is now living with CRPS in remission thanks to an American treatment centre.

Martin needs to raise £30,000 for the treatment, and She’s created a GoFundMe, which has reached £6,000.

“I want the chance to fight against what many and myself have been told is impossible – the chance to live a pain-free life from CRPS. the chance to no longer burn alive daily,”She added.

“Thank you so much for everyone’s help and support.”