Stars of soap have quit acting: EastEnders fireman moves to the window business


It’s not always easy to be a TV star, and many celebrities leave the industry.

Many actors and actresses are looking for jobs that don’t require them to be in the spotlight.

Some people just love to mix their acting roles and something a little more regular.

This is especially true of soap stars who are more likely to appear on long-running programmes than shorter ones with a beginning or an end.

We look at a few screen stars, starting with Tom Watt and ending up with Michelle Herbert.

Tom Watt

Tom Watt
Tom starred as Lofty

EastEnders star Tom, aged 66, became famous when he was cast to play Lofty Holloway (one of the original characters on BBC soap).

He appeared on the soap from 1985-1988, then continued to appear on other shows like Space Precinct or Doctors.

Tom is also an avid writer and journalist.

He has appeared on various sports segments on Channel 4 and talkSPORT, and has also produced documentaries about football.

Tony Discipline

Tony Discipline
Tony is now a firefighter

Tony was quite a star in EastEnders, where he starred from 2011 to 2013.

He stunned his fans in 2020 when he posted a photo of himself dressed up as a firefighter.

Many of his fans believed that the star was dressing up to play a new role.

He later stated that firefighting was his new job.

He spoke last year Entertainment DailyHe was “really enjoying”The London Fire Brigade.

“It’s very fulfilling,”He stated. “Every day is different and you get to work within the community.”

Michelle Herbert

Michelle Herbert
Michelle played Trisha in Grange Hill

Michelle earned her name playing rebellious Trisha Yotes in Grange Hill from 1978 to 1982.

She later decided to take a step back and settle down in Dundee.

It has been reported that the actress is now married to her husband and they have a family double glazing company.

Hetti Bywater

Hetti Bywater
Hetti was photographed working in a pub.

Hetti was a big star as Lucy Beale on EastEnders. However, she left the show in 2014 after her character got into trouble.

Hetti, now 27, is still acting. She has appeared on television shows like Death in Paradise and Delicious.

However, she was also seen sipping pints in a pub.

2017: Sunday MirrorAccording to reports, Hetti was working behind the bar in a pub near Islington.

Charlie Clements

Charlie was a chef

Charlie was famous for his role as Bradley Branning on EastEnders. The character was eventually killed in 2010.

He still acts, but he also works as a chef during the coronavirus pandemic.

He spoke on Loose Women last summer and said: “It was just a way of me supporting the family.

“The family and children come first at the end of each day. I have never been afraid to work or been shy about it.”

“”Acting has always been my first love and will always remain my career choice, but at the end I have bills to pay and a family member to support,” he said.

Katie Jarvis

Katie Jarvis
Katie played Hayley in EastEnders

Katie starred as Kat’s cousin Hayley on EastEnders, but after leaving she got a job at B&M Bargains.

On the Victoria Derbyshire Show 2019, she stated that she was an actress but had many other jobs.

“That’s the life of an actor – I like to be busy and learn new things,”She said.

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