Stephen King’s Salmon Recipe Is Horrifying, and His Fans Are Disgusted


Stephen KingHe is a horror master. His recipes can be terrifying. One of his tweets sent shockwaves through his followers. He’s got an odd taste in fish.

Microwaved… Salmon?

The prolific King logged onto Twitter in the early hours of April 19. He shared an unusual recipe for salmon. He suggests dressing with olive oil and lemon juice, standard, then… nuking it in the microwave for a few minutes.

As you might expect, there were many reactions. It just doesn’t feel right to use the den of hot pocket to cook fish. You can make delicious baked potatoes or corn husks in the microwave, but salmon? Oof. 

King received a lot of reactions quickly, many of which referred to his horror reputation. The man who gave Gerald’s GameThe microwaved paper towel salmon is now available to all the world.

It’s worth noting King is not strictly a horror writer. He’s responsible for Stand by meAnd the Shawshank Redemption. Some believe this is his most scary work yet.

King Holds his Ground

King got back on his horse around 5:00 PM the next day. King presumably saw his mentions as a fire and he stood firm.

We’ll ignore the It author misspelling “it.”He also took the opportunity to retweet a follower who tried the recipe.

King still responds to his fans a day later. King was loved by someone who wrote “Nobody recommends literature and how to cook salmon better than the Master…🦐.”King took the time and responded.

Other life hacks

The microwave may seem like a one-stop shop for food, but there are numerous foods that you’re better off cooking other ways. The microwave is a great option for raw meat and eggs. Many vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli, can lose nutrients inside the box. You’re better off finding another way.

There are many life hacks to help with the dreaded spotty heat problem. Pushing food closer to the edge of a plate can increase its heat. Otherwise, the middle of the plate will be more susceptible to becoming cold. Take this with a grain salt. Microwaves are dangerous, and you shouldn’t throw just anything in there willy-nilly.

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