Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers look at women who have traded their hair grip in exchange for a new home


Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers weren’t impressed with a woman who traded a single hair grip for a house in less than a year.

Demi Skipper was a guest and shared her story about how she got a house in Tennessee with just pennies of a hair grip.

Craigslist was her first stop and she discovered in December that she has the goal she had been aiming for.

It seems, however, that Brits aren’t as impressed with her accomplishment as they might expect.

Demi was able to move from a hairgrip to an electric bike, cars, and then eventually to a house with other strange items.

Demi managed to get a house in Tennessee
Demi was able to buy a house in Tennessee

Twitter was taken over by viewers who wanted to talk about their views. “That house looks like it’s worth about a fiver #StephsPackedLunch.”

Another person felt her Wi-Fi was not up to par. “She should trade up for better wifi… #StephsPackedLunch.”

Another person was not impressed by the appearance of the house, as they wrote: “I’d have kept the hair grip… #StephsPackedLunch.”

Demi described how she traded an electric bicycle for a car once to a man who owned multiple cars. But one viewer was unable to understand the logic as they tweeted: “Looked in his garage at his 5 cars.. you meaning his parking lot?? Rich folk trading to get richer here?? lol.”

Steph jokingly offered a hair grip for Demi's house
Steph offered Demi a jokey hair grip

Demi spoke out about how she got a house within a year and half. However, it was not an easy feat and took lots of blood sweat and tears.

Kyle MacDonald was her inspiration, and he traded a red newspaperclip all the way to a home in 2006.

Demi was able to buy her house when she completed her 28th trade.

Demi got her house in a year and a half
Demi bought her house in one year and a quarter

Steph McGovern introduced Demi by holding a hair-grip and saying: “She traded this in for some earrings and then she swapped them for some margarita glasses and then a vacuum cleaner and then the list goes on and on and on.”

Demi explained that she tells people the process was “step by step”, which meant sending more than 300,000.000 messages asking about future swaps.

According to the 29-year old, her plans are to renovate her house, then trade it to someone to get another hair grip.

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