Steve Dymond’s fiancée got tattoo of Jeremy Kyle’s signature


Steve Dymond’s fiancée claims she got Jeremy Kyle’s signature tattooed on her arm after the tragic death of her partner.

Steve and Jane Callaghan appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show 2019 to prove that he wasn’t cheating on Jane.

He failed a lie detector exam on the ITV daytime show, and he tragically died just days later.

This episode was not broadcast. However, Jeremy’s controversial chatshow was canceled in 2019, after 14 years of being on the air. It was cancelled following Jane’s devastating loss.

Jane now speaks out in an explosive Channel 4 documentary called Jeremy Kyle Death On Daytime. It airs Sunday, March 13th at 9pm.

jane callaghan
Steve Dymond’s partner Jane got a tattoo of Jeremy Kyle’s signature after her fiancée’s death

Interviews with anonymous ex-employees as well as past TV guests, such Jane, are featured in the documentary’s two-part format.

Jane stated that she didn’t blame Jeremy for the events that happened to Steve in the doc. “feels sorry”For him.

Jane, revealing her arm tattoo bearing Jeremy’s signature on it, said: “I do feel sorry for him after the backlash he got.

“I don’t hate Jeremy Kyle, I don’t blame him for it… I can’t put the blame on someone when I’m partly to blame as well.”

A former staff member claims Jane has a “”Brilliant connection with the producers” disgraced TV show.

steve dymond
After appearing on ITV’s show, Steve took his own life.

They spoke with an actor to protect their identities: “Jane has this bizarre connection with the producers that went down to Portsmouth,”

They also added: “I think she has this weird connection with that she owes them something.

“She doesn’t see them as her friends. She likely needs others. Jane doesn’t have many people who care about her, and that is really sad.”

One former staff member alleges the people “begging” to go on the show were “Many times, the people with mental health issues are the ones who suffer.”.

They said “People who wanted to be on the program were desperate and would not stop asking for it. These were often people with mental health problems.

jana callaghan
Jane said that she doesn’t feel sorry for Jeremy and didn’t blame him.

“We would have to go through the mental health check list with every guest to see if they are okay to go on the show.”

Staff also claimed that staff would lie to guests or leave out information on their mental health forms in order to book guests. This was due to the pressure from above. ITV denies this.

The ex-employee was added: “There was such pressure to book these that you would quite often lie or sometimes miss out important information or details”

ITV released the following statement: “The Jeremy Kyle Show was broadcast for 14 years. In that time, more than 20,000 people took part in the show seeking help to resolve relationship issues, or to address drug or alcohol related problems. The central purpose of the show was conflict resolution, and the show achieved many positive outcomes where people were able to resolve personal problems.

“The Jeremy Kyle Show had a detailed duty of care process in place for all contributors, which was a 14-year-old tradition. It also had a dedicated guest welfare team consisting of mental health professionals with decades of combined experience. NHSMental healthcare personnel were on hand to ensure guests’ safety and well-being throughout production. Before filming began, during filming and afterwards, guests were provided with support by the welfare and programme teams. They could be eligible for counselling, anger management or family mediation.

jeremy kyle
A new Channel 4 documentary, Death On Daytime, features former show guests as well as employees.

“Due to the gravity of events in May 2019, namely the death of a guest a few days after taking part in the show, ITV decided to end production of the show. It would not be appropriate for ITV to comment further on that in advance of the inquest to be held later this month.

“ITV rejects the central claim of this programme of “a”. “bad culture”The production team. The programme features former production staff members who claim wrongdoing, both by themselves and others without providing evidence. ITV would not allow its staff to lie or mislead guests. All guests on the Jeremy Kyle Show were aware of the nature of the show and the presenter’s style before taking part in recording. Most of the people who applied to appear on the show watched it. All guests consented in writing to participate.

“Since 2018 ITV has taken significant steps in relation to its duty of care of participants. ITV issued detailed new guidance to all its producers on protecting participants in October 2019, which represents industry-leading good practice and now reflects the changes to the Broadcasting Code made by industry regulator Ofcom in 2021. ITV also ensures greater management oversight of participant welfare through a Duty of Care Board, and has created a Mental Health Advisory group involving mental health charities to advise ITV on its policies for staff and programme guests.”

Call the Samaritans 24/7 helpline on 116 123 if you or someone you care about is in distress and need to talk. You can also reach, or locate your local branch online.

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