Steve Grimmett, a ’80s Metal Vocalist is Dead at 62


Steve Grimmett, frontman of British heavy-metal band Grim Reaper has passed away. Grimmett died Monday, August 15th at the age 62. His family confirmed this in separate social media posts with Millie. Writing a tribute to social media, “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write but it’s with a heavy & shattered heart to say that my beloved Steve died suddenly & unexpectedly on Monday 15th August. Wait for me my love. Until we are together again.”Grimmett’s cause is unknown at this time.

Grimmett’s suicide was also Russ, his son, confirmed the factHe posted a Facebook message with photos of his father and a few photos of himself. “We can’t begin to put into words the current feelings. But as dad was so well known the news is starting to reach out earlier than we would have liked.”Russ, who is the lead singer of the Life of a Hero tribute band Non Jovi and the U.K. Bon Jovi tribute group Life of a Hero, continues. “Unfortunately, our dad passed away today and leaves a massive hole in the world and our hearts. We are utterly heartbroken.”Grimmett was also confirmed by Mark, Grimmett’s brother “with great sadness and a very heavy heart.”Mark remembered his brother being “very talented,” writing, “I will miss you more than words will ever say, love you bro.”

Grimmett, at the time of his death, was the longest-tenured member of Grim Reaper. Loud Wire. In 1983, Grimmett joined, replacing Paul de Mercado as vocalist. The band released their debut album. You will be seen in HellIn 1983, via RCA, the album reached No. 73 in the US Billboard albums chart. The album followed with the second album. Fear No Evil In 1985 and 1987 Rock You to HellThe band split up in 1988. Grimmett continued to front U.K. thrash-metal band Onslaught.Searching for Sanity. In the 1990s and 2000s, he also recorded four albums together with Lionsheart before Grim Reaper was reformed in 2006. The band is now known as Steve Grimmett and Grim Reaper. In 2016, they released their first studio album in decades. Walking in the ShadowsWith At the GatesThese are the 2019 updates

Grim Reaper had toured South America earlier in the year, but was unable to make it to the United States. Grimmett, in a note to his fans, shared that only a few club slots prevented them from visiting the U.S. Grimmett’s parents and wife are still living.

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